your first time here

Monday, September 2, 2013

Remember how you felt the first time you showed up in LA, NYC, Chicago, London...where ever?

Remember the excitement of that place? How you felt that anything was possible and you kind of "arrived?"

Keep that feeling alive for yourself. Whatever you need to do to get that. People love that excitement and want to be involved in it.

Noone wants to be around a jaded poopy pants (unless, of course, the part calls for that), so keep that energy of possibility alive!

Also, can you use that old awesome feeling in your acting? When you walk into a room, can it be the FIRST time you've even read for that part, seen that casting director, or even had the chance to do what you love?  I betcha could! If you focused just a little bit, I bet you could embed that in your acting, and people would wonder what that little something about you was. Many times, it's not as much what you're doing as how you're feeling 🙂


(Not really an acting post per se, but a good one for the ramping up after the end of summer;)

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