it’s in the mundane

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The mundane can be the most magical.

Sometimes, the reason you get the part isn't necessarily because you did the performance "better," but because you had something that connected. Something that may have been so mundane that everyone else missed it.

It can be something so natural that it's something you wouldn't even think to add if you were in the moment.

Something like finishing a line with an unwritten "babe" when talking to your lover, or a little smirk like you're in on the joke with your scene partner, or even taking an extra second to look at your fork before digging into your steak.

These are all things that we do in life. They're so real that we miss them. The trick is to add them in without feeling like your adding them in, to make them come from the moment, from the heart.

Afterall, all of our acting could use a little more heart 🙂

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