Seriously, what are you practicing?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

We've all heard the mantras. "Practice makes perfect," and maybe even the newer one "Practice makes permanent."

While these both are really great examples of how we should approach our craft (& life in general), that is, with purpose and focus, it glazes over a key point that not many realize.

That point is that you're practicing already.

What's your daily practice?

Seriously, think about what it is that you're doing every day. You can go from simple things like brushing our teeth, to more involved things like writing your pages every day, or maybe even doing your sides from ActorPractice everyday ;). There are also a lot of rather mindless, more habit like things that you do every day, like checking Facebook/Instram, or culling over todays best tweets.

Some of this is moving you forward in your journey to a more complete person and specifically a better actor. Some of it is necessary (keep gingivitis away!), some of it is choice, and some of it is literally not only wasting time, but wasting your practice.

The thing is, you're practicing a LOT of things already. The fact that you can't focus on your scene without "looking up something real quick" on your phone is proof of this. The ability to maintain focus is paramount as an actor. There will be times, on set especially, when you're called in to do a scene, perhaps even an emotional one, and suddenly they have to change a lense. It takes longer than expected to get it from the truck, and now you're "out of it." Why? You don't have a solid practice of how to get back in there, and get it done.

What has your practice been? What are you used to?

All those distractions that your having that you see as harmless, actually aren't. They are practices that have taken over a portion of your life, and whether you realize it or not, they're going to take up your professional preparation if you're not careful!

Seen through this lense, what are the things that you're practicing already? For "good" or "bad?"