You still haven’t signed up? Seriously?

What's holding you back?

You know what? This is a great asking lesson. Really.

If you haven't signed up yet it's one of two things.

1 - You're dirt poor. Like, REALLY poor. If that's the case, go get a job waiting tables, and I'll see you back here after your first paycheck.

2 - You're a timid actor. Seriously. It takes you forever to make choices. You hem and haw all fuckin' day, and never come to a decision. And let me guess. You don't get good reviews. Your acting is "nice," but never "WHOA!" This is why. You're not willing to take a risk, even this small joke of a risk of $7.47. How much did you spend on your last parking ticket? Enough to pay for this shit for the whole year.

Click this link already, and stop being so fucking indecisive, it's making you a shitty actor.

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