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Hey there!

Looks like you're interested in checking out the site a little more. Awesome!

Actor Practice is a great support for your art, and provides free tips and treasures for your blossoming career. We do have some really great stuff on the site that doesn't cost a dime.

But if you REALLY want to the good stuff, and access to the all the brilliance this site has to offer, you'll want to dig deep into your pockets, under the couch cushions, and in your car for a little extra change. $7.47 a month, to be exact. Then you get "on the list." oh yeah.

Getting on the list means you'll have a new audition material emailed to you daily. Every single day. It's something for you to practice with, no pressure, no one to show it too, just hack at it for 5 minutes, or 2 minutes, or half an hour, it really doesn't matter as long as you DO THE WORK!

Go here for more details on why I started this site, why I charge for it, and why I think it would be a good investment for your craft.

We use PayPal for our auto-billing. If you don't have account yet, (um....seriously?), you'll be prompted to create one.

See you on the inside.

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