2021 – A Year in Preview

Monday, January 4, 2021

I'm going to start my blog here, until I find a way to get it somewhere else, though now that this whole COVID thing is actually happening for almost a year, maybe this is also the year that I get ActorPractice to actually do it's thing.

A year in preview is a sort of weird way to make myself look at the year as what I have already accomplished. I'm going to be going at this from a couple different ways. Some from actual concrete accomplishments, things you can point to, like writing everyday, to feelings in general. After all, most of us picture that accomplishing our goals will give us a better feeling day to day, so that's kinda the point anyway, right?

This past year, I -

  • Finished One Book/Screenplay
  • Wrote a pilot episode
  • Felt good about getting up every day
  • Was better and more clear about my days
  • Made some sweet $$
  • Had a sexy time or two
  • Felt good when I went to bed every day
  • Got in a good practice, each day

I'm going to start with that, with the understanding that stuff may change from time to time, and I reserve the right to come back and edit the list.

There we go, Day 1, though actually starting on the 3rd day of the year. Now, to that story. 😉

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