What's this site for?

1 - It's a place to provide a constant stream of new material for actors. Daily

2 - It's a resource for simple, easy to use ideas.

3 - It's to help you Do The Work. To get your wheels turning, to give you something fresh to do each day to move you an inch closer to your goals.

Who's it for?

For you. You're here aren't you? Sign up, and get the goods. I'm puttin' out fuckin' GOLD here.

Why do you charge for your services? Why aren't they free?

There's a lot of stuff on this site that's free. Most all of the "tips" are. You can get some incredible value just by reading those posts, and taking the suggestions. At the very least, you'll have a few ideas you forgot about, at best, you'll turn into a damn fine actor.

If you want to step it up, get yourself on "The List." For a few bucks, you'll get new sides emailed to you each and every day. We charge a few bucks for that service.

Why do you charge $7.47?

I wanted to charge something so people would value the site, and be conscious of value it provides. If you charge nothing, you have to be willing to put ads up, or have the resources to maintain it with another revenue stream. I'm a one man-fucking-show. It's all me and I don't have enough hours in the day already.

I also wanted it to be cheap enough that even the poorest of the poor could afford a daily "class." Cuz I've been there, I totally have. I've known teachers that charge several hundred dollars each month for classes. Are they worth it? It depends. At $7.47, we're the best valued class in town, and, honestly a steal. Add to that the fact that you don't have to find your own scene, and you've got a helluva resource for less than 25 cents a day.

Shit costs money. The servers, the computer, the friggin lights in my house all cost money. True, I could set this up with advertising like other sites do, but unless I'm actually in a commercial, I HATE advertising. I want you to be able to come here, get what you came for and get out without being bobarded with all the other horseshit the internet has to offer.

Couldn't I just get my own sides and do this?

Yes you totally could, but you haven't, and you won't.

If you sign up, it'll be done and you won't have to think about it, just click and get to work.

Do you offer coaching?

Sure....$150 an hour, Skype or you come to me (in LA). I'll make you fucking brilliant.

How do I sign up?

Go here.

I don't like the sides that I got in the email today, can I get different ones?



There are times when you are going to get the shittiest sides you can imagine. As in everyone up and down the production line knows they're shit. But it's got a budget and you're going to get paid. You have to spin that shit into gold. That's your JOB.

You think Saved By the Bell was brilliant writing? Would you have taken that gig and the sweet fuckin' contract for 86 episodes? Hell yes you would.

Don't judge it, do it. Practice selling the shit out of it now and you'll be great at it later. Make it the best thing you've ever seen, and it may turn out to not be a bad as you thought, or even the best paying gig you could ever hope for.

Where do you find your tips? It seems like it's similar to a teacher I had/a book I read/something I read online.

I get my stuff from all over. When you've been at this for 20+ years, you pick up some things. Steal from the best, right.

Why aren't YOU a big shot? Since you're so awesome, what have I seen you in?

Look, smart ass. The world is FULL of people who've put a shit-ton of effort into things, and who always get feedback of being "solid," "professional," having a "wonderfu instrument," and "just great to have on set." Sometimes all that work pays off, and said person has a six-figure year, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes, other things become more important (like raising a family).

The fact is, it doesn't matter who I am or where I'm from. Try the shit I'm posting. Practice your shit daily. $7.47 says you'll get better.

Why do you swear so much?

Because they are words, and I use them. Also, if you want to act in anything other than kids stuff, you're gonna hear it. I've tried to be more professional, but it ain't me. 😉

Why does your website's design suck so bad?

Thank you for your incredibly valuable opinion. It could all change on a whim. But the theme/design I have now not only looks alright and gets the job done, but it's also optimized for view on mobile devices. So if you wanna have you practice be on your phone, so be it.