Welcome to AP!

Thanks for checking us out. You should thank the person that sent you here as well. They are probably an actor, and thought you were a good enough one that this would be useful to you. It's good to have friends like that, eh?

We all know that we need to practice more, but none of us do. Actor Practice aims to fix that.

Whether you're a seasoned actor looking to stay sharp, or fresh off the boat, trying to figure out why that light is in your face, we've got something you can use.

Learned something cool from another person scene last night in class? Practice it today. Want to get better at cold reading? There are new sides in your inbox every day.

And here's what key. This is practice. You're not going to post videos here. You're not going to find an agent here. You're not going to have anyone trying to sell their shit here. Just you. And me. A few ideas, and some lines to say them with. That's it.

Actor Practice is going to give you the forum and the freedom to try a bunch of new shit just for the hell of it. For the sake of trying. For the sake of discovery. For the sake of firkin' FUN!

So poke around here a little. Check out the free stuff we have. Then head over to the Membership Page and give us a wee bit of your dollars and cents so we can keep this thing going.

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside.

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