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This is about: Making you better.

"Do you have any consistent daily practices that you do for your acting? Do you have a way to find new material, practice and explore new ideas with… to warm up your acting instrument? To get inspired daily? To just play and have fun?

Actor Practice sends you an email every day with fresh new sides! This gives you new material to work on EVERY DAY! It’s great for just warming up, getting your juices going, or to stretch and try parts out that you normally wouldn’t be cast for. The best part… it’s less than a quarter a day!

In it's most simple form: We send daily sides, giving you the opportunity to practice every day, even on days you don't have an audition, or class.

You know you don't practice your craft enough. It's eating at you a little, like it did me. You feel rusty when you step out of an audition, like that wasn't quite what you wanted to do, or like you had another idea you wanted to try. Guess what? It's time to try them.

The only way to get better at something is to practice. It ain't magic, it's just the way it is.

Whether you're a seasoned actor looking to stay sharp, or a noob fresh off the plane, train, or freeway, having a daily practice built into your day is goign to help you make progress in a positive way. Practice = progress.

We send out sides every day. First thing in the morning. When you wake up, you'll have sides in your in box to go to. Some days, you may have a slew of auditions, so you can use the daily sides as a little warm-up. Other days you may have the time to delve into a thousand different interpretations of the scene. Either way, it's there.

This is "just" practice. It's for YOU, and it'll make you better. You're not going to post videos here. You're not going to find an agent or manager here. You're not going to have anyone trying to sell their "5 Easy Steps" shit here. Just raw material, a wee bit of inspiration, and a few ideas to try. That's it. It's the basics: Grab a scene, make some choices, and play with it.

Being on "the list" for Actor Practice enables you to simply try bunch of new shit every day just for the hell of it. For the sake of trying. For the sake of discovery. For the sake of frikkin' FUN!

The only catch is, I don't work for free (neither should you, btw). But we sure as hell give great value for what we give. Got it? Good. Click the Paypal button and let's give it a go. For less than $0.25 a day, (that's $7.47 a month), you'll get the good stuff every morning. Let's go!


Or, feel free to poke around here a little. Check out a sampling of the free sides we have or even the general blog. Then head over to the Subscription Page (it's pretty similar to this one) and get new sides delivered to your box every single day. No. More. Excuses.

For the month of July, we're running a deal. I ain't kidding when I say it's gonna change come August.


Thanks for stopping by. Here's to making you a damn fine actor.

PS. If you are one of those people that need the super duper "THIS IS THE BEST DEAL EVER!!!" people or "IT'S A $77 VALUE FOR 1/10th THE COST!! consider it done.