Class Discount

Hey Sexy People!

It's Max! S-up?!

You're here because I, myself, or Lynn told you about this thing I'm doing, thanks for clicking in and helping me out on this little endeavor!

Basically, I type out scenes to practice every day, and send them to you. I used to just do this for myself, but then started sharing them with friends here and there. Someone said, "Dude, you make this into a little side thing." So here I am. Giving it a shot!

As an actor, I've learned that while it may seem like camera magic, behind the scenes of any great performance is consistent, focused practice, and good old work. This is my attempt at making that daily grind a little easier for all of us.

You're signing up on the email list to get a new set of sides every morning, bright and early. These are sides for you to practice & work on your craft, or at the very least, warm it up. You get new material daily. Try different feelings, attitudes, voices, even read for the "wrong" character. These aren't here for you to get it "right," they're for you to have some fun and explore. You'll be getting them daily, but if something resonates with you, and you want to work on the same thing a few days in a row, have at it. I also put a YouTube link to something acting related, as well as a tongue twister to get your face working. These are things that I've found helpful to do every day, so I figured I'd share.

As a thanks for joining up in this first wave, I've set all this up with a discount on this page. I'm looking to be charging something in the range of $15 per month for the service when it goes live. But since I'm still working out the bugs, and I want to make sure everything is working smoothly, I'm knocking that about in half to $7.47 per month. You can cancel anytime.

There are other things in the works once this is up and running. I've already been looking at a way to somehow get video up so perhaps we can give each other feedback, as well as perhaps providing a vocal track with the "other" part so you can practice that way too. But we have to start somewhere... and this is somewhere...

THANK YOU for being in the first wave!

Click below to take you to Paypal, and then it'll guide you through making a username and password for the site. Your first email will come tomorrow, early. If you want some sides in the meantime. Click HERE, or HERE.

And just to be clear, what you're paying for is the service of typing up the scenes. Nothing here says anything about getting you auditions, agents, managers, or jobs.